Thechapel of Santisima Trinidad, iswell-known in Ribera del Duero as the Padre Eterno Ermita. Laid out as a Christian cross, the nave is Baroque style, dating from 17th century. Consquently it became a Cultural Interest Property on 9th April 1992.

Road Madrid - Irún, Km 160, Aranda de Duero

The Museum of Traditional Games opened in 2013. It is curated by La Tanguilla Association, inspired by Carlos de la Villa, who loved traditional games.

Chelva Station, s/n Line Valladolid-Ariza, Aranda de Duero

First shown as a temporary exhibition in 1998 about The Railway in the Aranda´s Cultural Centre (Casa de Cultura) curated by Francisco Andrés Vicente. It attracted 10,500 visitors.

Road Madrid - Irún A-1, Km 153, Fuentespina

Incomparable facilities for tour groups arriving in Ribera del Duero.

, Valdezate

Subjected to many transitions, this place began its history with late Romanesque church with a rectangular floorplan, where there were burials. Rebuilt a couple of times between 5th – 10th.

Avenue Portugal, Aranda de Duero

Ribera del Duero has a new recently opened cinema multiplex in Aranda, where one can enjoy a relaxing and entertaining break. Changing weekly programme, can be found in the programme on this link.

Road Burgos, Km 18'8, La Horra

Since 1997, the “Ruta del Vino-Afluente Rural” Tourist Initiative Centre has stimulated an increase in visitor numbers in the region.