Asadores and restaurants located in the Ribera del Duero. Menu with a wide range of delicacies own area: Wines Designation of Origin, Lamb, ...

Avenue Valladolid 131, San Esteban de Gormaz

In the Rivera 3* Hotel in San Esteban de Gormaz, they know how to perfectly unite the traditional flavours of the Route Ribera del Duero, with a modern style.

Road National 122, Castrillo de Duero

In the Valladolid town of Castrillo de Duero, Cepa 21 Restaurant is unparalleled fusion of winery and restaurant

Avenue constitución, 16, Peñafiel

The diocesan archive of Valladolid, mentions it for the first time in the 12th century, previously naming it Molino Quemado (Burnt Mill).

Road San Bernardo s/n, Valbuena de Duero

La Espadaña San Bernardo is located in the district of Valbuena de Duero inside the Emina wine tourism complex, very close to the Centre of Interpretation of Wine Culture.

Avenue Valladolid - Soria, 116, Peñafiel

This restaurant is part of a hotel offering the complete wine tourism experience. Restaurant Infante is tastefully decorated and it can seat up to 91 guests in its dining room.

Finca Torremilanos s/n

In operation since 2006, in harmony with the category of the winery and the Hotel Finca Torremilanos, the restaurant is an emblem of both traditional recipes and sophisticated dishes in the Wine Route.

El Viso, 45, Gumiel del Mercado

This restaurant was opened in 1994 near the great Torremilanos complex, it sits on top of a longstanding wine-press that maintains the original beam and stone, demonstrating the region’s strong wine culture.

Río, 35, Caleruega

This restaurant is very well-known because of its originality; the kitchen is managed by the famous Chef René, who is also the owner. The menu is specialised, offering something unique for each person or occasion, with each dish accompanied by a delicious selection of Ribera del Duero wines.

Barguilla, 36, Peñafiel

Located in the town of Peñafiel; El Lagar de San Vicente is a rustic restaurant, built in stone. It has a varied menu, its Suckling lamb roasted in a wood-burning oven accompanied by a good Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero wine is the most popular option.

Road Madrid-Irún, Km 146, Milagros

The restaurant is cosy and charming with typical Castilian décor. They specialise in Lechazo Asado (roast suckling lamb that is cooked in a wood-burning oven). We also suggest Pickled wild pigeon, Free range chicken and Lagar style cod.


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