Road Madrid 26, Gumiel de Izán

Tina country cottage is available to be rented completely by up to 10 people, who are destined to have some fun days with family or friends.

El Río, 52, Milagros

This country cottage is fully equipped with five bedrooms accommodating a total of 10 people; three of the bedrooms have double beds. It is a rustic cottage but it is new in terms of electrical appliances and furniture. 

Road Madrid-Irún N-1, Km 152, Fuentespina-Aranda de Duero

This hotel is found at the entrance of the city Aranda de Duero, it is singled out for excellence and is a compulsory stop because of its location: it is one hour from Burgos and an hour and a half from Madrid. 

Road Madrid - Irún A-1, Km 153, Fuentespina

This hotel is strategically well placed, on the outskirts of Aranda de Duero, next to the 4* hotel. It is a more economic and allows a cheaper budget, without missing out on any important comforts for a special break.

Las Cruces, 21, Roa de Duero

If you opt for Vadorrey you can choose between a hotel and a hotel apartment. Whichever you choose, you will feel very at home as it has all the main comforts at your service. It is decorated with pleasant wood and accommodates up to 50 people.

Road Principal, 14, Valdeande

This country cottage is a new build in the Burgalese part of the Ribera del Duero region. It is hospitable and pleasant, offering heating and a great quantity of furnishings, covering all the necessities.

, Roturas

This accommodation is a typical Castilian country cottage from the 19th century. in reality, it is one of the longest standing dwellings of the village of Roturas.